INFINITIVE ARCHITECTURE (INFINITIVE CO. LTD) was established in 2008 by Architect Nguyen Quang Hien, with professional practices in architecture, interior, planning, landscape.
We have materialized projects in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. We are making our way to further professionalism in the field by continuously improving our expertise. We study architecture with simultaneous observations into the relationship of a building in its context, environment, society, and ecosystem. We appreciate the conveyance of local cultures, natural features, and originalities in architecture designs.


Architecture - Interior - Landscape - Planning

  • Practice categories: Mix-used, Commercial, Hospitality, Residential.
  • Project type: Residential masterplan, commercial masterplan, township masterplan, mix-used buildings, shopping malls, retail streets, hi-rise office buildings, low-rise office buildings, corporate office design, resorts, urban resorts, hotels, homestay, glamping/ campsite, pop up hospitalities, rest stop, exhibition, photo studio, food courts, food villages, F&B chain stores, sports villages, villas compounds, terrace housing, social housing, affordable housing.
  • Project scale: All scales.


  • Having been experiencing architecture design in many large-scale projects and diverse categories, we do not limit our project sizes, no matter how small.
  • We understand that how the built environment affects human life and wish to calibrate the impact sustainably.
  • We have respects for brilliant clients from whom we have the chance to push our designs to the limit, benefiting human life as a result.