A. Establishment:
Founded since 2004 under a practice named ARCHINITY in Ho Chi Minh city.

B. Services:
Our consultancy comprises of:
  1. Planning
  2. Architecture and landscape
  3. Interior design
  4. Finishes work, Interior fitting out and furniture contractor(*)
(*) : Along with design consultancy, our construction and production service has been established in the format of “ Design – and – build “ for Finishes work, Interior fitting out and furniture. This strategically creates a sequence from design to hand- over stage in favor of minimize all unnecessary details in the architecture compartment and decoration afterward as well.

C. Philosophy:

1/ The Header : INFINITIVE’ way of consulting goes side by side with client’s requirement to deliver Budget meet, Simple, Adaptive and Last looking works.

2/ The Role :INFINITIVE’ role is defined as an objective guide in the initial concept from what clients from what clients have in mind and basic requirement and develop into idea, as well as materialize the picture by mean of Technical interference, Know_ how advises. The final product will not be a perfect one without mutual understanding and comprehension between the objective party (Architect) and the subjective party (Clients).

3/ The Stance: Every single and tiniest thing can tell art. But reaching the “ State of the Art” requires sophistication, uncompromised stance and comprehensibility. We start trying to be comprehended by the first reader of the works: clients.

One geometries grows bricks, stone, motar which alone have a been the best jewlry to enhance your space other than any extra decoration, you could have earned a state of mastering your space, with a little help from your friend, architect.

D. People:

1. Nguyễn Quang Hiền – Director/Principal B.Arch- HCM - Creative Qualification in 2000 By Vietnamese Association of Architects - Creative Qualification in 2002 By Vietnamese Association of Architects - Certificate at the Second International Summer School (Technical University of Darmstadt , University of Kaiserslautern,University of Architecture of HCM city, Vietnamese Association of Architects

2. Chin Kam – Oversea Architecture Pantner - B.Sc. Architecture- Sydney - CK&A - Since it’s inception,CK&A consultancy international Pte. Has completed projects in a variety of countries including Singapore ,Vietnam ( Hanoi, HCM) China ( Shanghai. Guangzhou, Indonesia ( Jakarta) , India (Mumbai, Pune ,Chennai)& Srilanka ( Colombo) - CK&A has been a oversea partner with INFINITIVE since 2008.

3. Trần Kim Ngân- Interior & Landscape Design manager - B.Arch- Hanoi - B.Arch- 2004 - Creative Qualification in 2002 By Vietnamese Association of Architects - Creative Qualification in 2004 By Vietnamese Association of Architects - Loa Thanh Prize Grade B for Excellent Graduation Project
Architecture & Planning

4. Đồng Minh Qúy - B.Arch.Design manager – Architect.

5. Nguyễn Bảo Khánh - B.Arch.Project Architect

6. Trần Minh Tuyến - B.Arch.Project Architect

7. Nguyễn Đăng Phi Long - B.Arch.Project Architect

8. Bùi Minh Quang - B.Arch.Project Architect

9. Ngô Đăng Linh - M.Eng.M&E Associate

10. Nguyễn Văn Phát - M.Eng.C&S Associate I.D & Landscape Design - &- Build

11. Trần Kim Ngân - B.Arch.Design manager – Interior & Landscape

12. Lê Minh Chánh - B.Arch.Senior Interior Design

13. Nguyễn Thế Thiên - B.Arch.Interior & Landscape Design & Build manager

14. Hunh Kim Thành - B.Arch .Interior & Landscape Design & Build manager